Eerie Indiana – The Complete Series

Now here’s a little gem I haven’t seen for a while. Eerie Indiana was a short-lived TV series that was first shown in 1991-2. I seem to recall that those nice Channel 4 people showed it in their “youth” slot at 6:30. I don’t recall seeing it since then, but it stuck somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind.

Thirteen-year-old Marshall Teller has moved with his family from New Jersey to the small town of Eerie, Indiana. At first it seems normal enough, but Marshall soon comes to realise that Eerie is the centre of weirdness for the entire planet. The only problem is that nobody, apart from his friend Simon, seems to realise it.

Item: Elvis lives on my paper route
Item: Bigfoot eats out of my trash

In the nineteen episodes, Marshall and Simon come up against the Mummy, the Eerie Wolf, an intelligent ATM, a tornado with a mind of its own and much, much more. In Eerie, a heart transplant can have unexpected consequences, putting your watch back an hour can get you into serious trouble, and you really don’t want to try playing any records backwards. In later episodes, things are stirred up a bit by the appearance of a mysterious (even by Eerie standards) boy (“with prematurely grey hair” ) who claims not to know his own name, but eventually calls himself Dash-X after the plus and minus signs on his hands.

In Reality Takes a Holiday, Marshall finds himself living a nightmare when his home is transformed into a TV studio, and he’s about to be terminally written out of a show called (yeah, you guessed it) Eerie Indiana. It seems his character is to be replaced by Dash-X. Even Simon can’t help Marshall this time, but he finds a way out just in time. This episode included one of those lines I’ve never forgotten:

You’re not my family – you’re Pod People!

which is the kind of thing that only people who’ve watched the right movies will understand.[1]

Lovely stuff, very silly, lots of fun. I watched the whole thing over two evenings.

Oh yes, and to any readers who might happen to be resident in Indiana[2], I always knew there was something weird about you. :tongue:

[1] And no, I’m not telling you, so there! :tongue:
[2] Hi Twisty!!! Hi Tom!!! :wave:

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