Getting in close

One of my excuses reasons for getting the Canon 30D was that I wanted to be able to take pictures of my coin collection. I vaguely mentioned a while ago that I was starting to collect coins again after a break of a few years, but I didn’t get round to going into any detail. The main reason for that was that if I just talked about coins, it would be a bit dull without pictures. I did try taking a few with the Sony camera, but it couldn’t really handle the close-up focusing required. When I was planning to get a DSLR, I thought I might need to invest in a specialist Macro lens for this kind of thing, but as both my lenses have at least some close focussing ability, I thought I’d give it a try. This was taken on my desk, using the halogen desk lamp as the only light source[1]. Had to tweak it a bit in Photoshop to get it looking more or less natural, but it’s not bad for a first attempt. I’ll probably have a go with a tripod next.

Welsh Pound

Welsh Pound

The coin is a silver Piedfort[2] proof version of the 2000 £1 coin. I got it for a moderately reasonable price, and as it has the Welsh Dragon :cymru: , it was an essential addition to the collection.

More coin experiments will follow, depending on my tuit supply. :laugh:

[1] The on-camera flash just reflects off the coin back into the lens. Not useful for small shiny objects.
[2] That’s a special, limited edition coin which is twice the thickness of normal circulating coins.