The Fastest Stupid Car Ever

I don’t generally watch Top Gear[1], as I’m not all that interested in cars, other than as things to avoid when I’m walking. However, this video has made me think that I should reconsider my hard-line policy. This is silly. No, it’s very silly. We see a sequence of increasingly silly custom built vehicles. Now that would be quite silly enough. But no. They just have to go that little bit further. A race is held. You really have to watch this. You probably won’t believe what you’re seeing.

Thanks to Bob[2] for alerting me to this one.

[1] BBC TV motoring programme
[2] Hi Bob! :wave:

5 thoughts on “The Fastest Stupid Car Ever

  1. Sam Judson

    I don’t like cars, have no interest in bpm or whatever they measure cars in these days, but Top Gear is one of THE funniest programs on TV at the moment, let alone BBC2. I’m frequently in stitches in front of the TV, practically falling out of my seat with laughter.

    Highly recommend it. :bouncy:

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