The Last Ever Top of the Pops

I mentioned a while ago that the BBC were pulling the plug on Top of the Pops after 42[1] years. Well, today’s the day, and I’m currently watching the hour-long final show. And they’ve done a nice job of it, really. Lots of former presenters are in the studio: Jimmy Saville, Tony Blackbum Blackburn[2], Dave Lee Travis (aka DLT), Janice Long and many more. They’re showing various collections of clips, good, bad and execrable, things I thought I’d never see or hear again, things I hoped I’d never see or hear again[3], and all that kind of thing.

A decent send-off for something that used to be a national institution.

Update: A nice touch at the end. After the closing credits, Jimmy Saville (who presented the first show, and who must be at least 300 years old) was shown walking backstage. Shaking his head sadly, he turned off the main power switch, and the studio went dark for the last time. Jimmy then wandered off, still shaking his head…

[1] Good choice of number :cool:
[2] Old DLT joke
[3] Though it can be interesting to revisit things years later. Sometimes music I didn’t like at the has grown on me. Though not in the case of the Spice Girls :uhoh: , who were every bit as dire as I remembered….