Well, that was a pretty good week off

At the start of my week off, I gave myself a list of things to do. As it’s back to work tomorrow :eek2: , I thought I’d check that list and see how many items I can cross off.

  • Go to the South Tyneside coast, especially Souter Lighthouse
  • Visit the Roman fort at South Shields
  • Go to the North Tyneside coast, especially St Mary’s Lighthouse[3]
  • Visit Tynemouth Priory
  • Go to York
  • Take some pictures of buildings in and around Newcastle[4]
  • Firtle with the resulting images in Photoshop and put the results on show
  • Relax a bit
  • Not keep up with work email :smile:

Hmmm, not bad at all. And I went to an airshow as well. I’ll aim to get St Mary’s Island in on a weekend before too long. And I’ve started the Photoshoppery, but that will take a while…

My weight has been bouncing up and down all week, in a manner that seems directly related to my activity level. So if I do some more of that activity thingy stuff, I should be able to get it back down again. Probably.

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