I’ve mentioned the problems my web host has been having lately. I had hoped things were getting better, but the server Losing it[1] lives on was having more, err, issues earlier.

From the time I got in from work, it was going so slowly as to be unusable – which is very frustrating, as I wanted to make some changes to the site. This proved to be impossible. I’ve logged another service call, and provided some information that might or might not help them solve this.

I was just about to go to bed, and thought I’d take one more look, and would you believe it, the site is now running as it should, more or less, give or take.

Would have been so much nicer if it could have done that five or six hours ago…

Most of the time, I really like Dreamhost. The services are great value for money, and the control panel and command line access make running my sites so much easier. But they really need to get to the bottom of their current problems. Like a lot of customers, I’m getting really frustrated now…

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