Daily Archives: Sunday, 6th Aug 2006

St Mary’s Island

Today started with mostly clear skies and the horrible humidity of yesterday was gone. This was enough to motivate me to get out somewhere and take some pictures. After some dithering, I decided it would be good to cross off the missing item from the list, and go to the Lighthouse at St Mary’s Island, to the north of Whitley Bay. It’s been a while since my last visit when I took some pictures with my Sony camera, so it was definitely time to go along with the Canon 30D.

I took the Metro to Monkseaton and walked down to the coast from there. This brought me out alongside the shell of the old Spanish City. Apparently this is being redeveloped, and the dome will be retained. I then walked up the coast to St Mary’s Island, taking a variety of pictures of the sea, the coastline, the lighthouse, birds and planes[1]. I swapped lenses a couple of times, too.

As I approached the island, I could see that the tide was in, so walking across the causeway wasn’t going to be an option today. I did see some people wading across, but I didn’t fancy doing that, even though the line of the causeway was clearly visible through the water.

Having taken my pictures, and feeling the first spots of rain, I decided to depart. A bus arrived at the stop just as I did, and I went back as far as Newcastle that way. I used to take long bus rides many years ago, and it made a change from the Metro. In Newcastle, light rain was falling. I had a stroll around a few shops, bought a new A-Z of the area[2], then came home.

And here I am. Lots of pictures for you to look at, and as usual, I haven’t given them any Photoshop treatment yet. I’ll get round to that for these and the previous trip pictures some time soon. Well, fairly soon. Well, eventually.

[1] That bit of North Tyneside is on the incoming flightpath for Newcastle Airport, so for everyone who was disappointed at my miserable failure to bring any pictures back from the Sunderland Airshow last weekend, there are some planes for you in the gallery :wave:
[2] My old one is ever so slightly out of date and is a bit big to carry around. I’ve now got the small page size, spiral bound version, which can live in my camera bag.