Daily Archives: Monday, 7th Aug 2006

I think it could use some more drums…

I’d heard about this performance, but hadn’t seen it until now. Franz Ferdinand are known for having a bit of drum overload when playing The Outsiders. I thought it was cool when there were three people beating up the drum kit in their Newcastle show, but that was just the start. Here they are[1] at this year’s T in the Park festival. With some friends helping out. More drums!!! More drums!!!

[1] Subject to the usual “it might get deleted” YouTube disclaimer

Franz Ferdinand – Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Seeing the Arctic Monkeys video made me wonder if those nice Domino people had put this little item on YouTube as well. And they have indeed. I’ve mentioned Franz Ferdinand a few times before, but that won’t stop me going on about them again. This is the latest single from You could have it so much better, released in a re-recorded version. In contrast to the “nothing to do with the song” mini-movie of the Arctic Monkeys, this is a disarmingly literal animation based on the song. It’s cute.

They’ve disabled embedding for this video, so you’ll have to go to YouTube to see it. It’s worth a click. Trust me. :wave:

Arctic Monkeys – Leave Before the Lights Come On

Aha! A new single from the Arctic Monkeys, that’s what we need. And here it is – another nicely crafted piece, which is out next week. As ever, Alex’s lyrics are sharp, observational and, well, real. It’s all about young lust…

You left before the lights came on
Because you didn’t want to ruin
All the lust that was brewing,
Before he absolutely had to
And how can you wake up
With someone you don’t love?
And not feel slightly fazed by it
Oh, he had a struggle

The music is as good as ever – rhythmic, pounding and with that punkish energy that makes them a good listen even if you’re not paying attention to the words (which you should).

Quick, let’s leave, before the lights come on,
‘Cos then you don’t have to see
‘Cos then you don’t have to see
What you’ve done

The video is another of their mini-movies, which doesn’t appear to have much to do with the song. But it does show an unconventional way of meeting people. And as their record company are quite sensible, they’ve made it available on YouTube. So here it is:

Click for video, embedding has been disabled

Not bad for a Monday

Today was moderately summery. Some cloud, a bit of a breeze, but mostly sunny and warm. The walk to and from work was quite pleasant, too.

Today’s weight was back down a wee bit, which is always a Good Thing.

More reports and stuff later in the week.