Arctic Monkeys – Leave Before the Lights Come On

Aha! A new single from the Arctic Monkeys, that’s what we need. And here it is – another nicely crafted piece, which is out next week. As ever, Alex’s lyrics are sharp, observational and, well, real. It’s all about young lust…

You left before the lights came on
Because you didn’t want to ruin
All the lust that was brewing,
Before he absolutely had to
And how can you wake up
With someone you don’t love?
And not feel slightly fazed by it
Oh, he had a struggle

The music is as good as ever – rhythmic, pounding and with that punkish energy that makes them a good listen even if you’re not paying attention to the words (which you should).

Quick, let’s leave, before the lights come on,
‘Cos then you don’t have to see
‘Cos then you don’t have to see
What you’ve done

The video is another of their mini-movies, which doesn’t appear to have much to do with the song. But it does show an unconventional way of meeting people. And as their record company are quite sensible, they’ve made it available on YouTube. So here it is:

Click for video, embedding has been disabled

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