Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

No, I’m not promoting Superman Returns, but I am just getting into the work of Sam Duckworth, who works under the delightfully silly name of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Sam plays acoustic guitar accompanied by whatever sounds he can persuade his laptop to create. And the results are rather good. He’s been compared to Billy Bragg, and there is a certain similarity to Billy’s earlier work – the minimalist approach, the political angle, and good use of language. His voice is likely to appeal to more people than the less than dulcet tones of Billy, though.

So, what do we have here? There are three tracks on this single:

Call me Ishmael: this starts off gently enough, and could be the product of any of a million sensitive singer-songwriter types, but the lyrics are slightly above the average

You are not your job
and you are not the clothes you wear

all about rising above the limitations of dead-end jobs and doing something to make the most of your life. The video is worth a look, too. Sam and some other people escape from their jobs through underground tunnels, only to come up somewhere unexpected.

I-Spy: This one’s growing on me rapidly

I spy with my little eye
Something that begins with
I don’t care

And there’s another silly video…

To Have and Have Not: As if to confirm the Billy Bragg comparison, the final track is a cover of a song from Billy’s first album, and Sam does justice to it. Good stuff.

You can see some videos and hear some tracks on the official site, and there’s more stuff on MySpace.

There’s an album due in September. Watch out for a review.

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