I’ve been a fan of the demotivational poster designs at Despair, Inc for years. I’ve got their screensaver on my computer at work. Oddly enough, I came across Despair’s products many years before I ever saw the real motivational posters they satirise. When I finally did see some at a training centre, it took me a while to work out why they weren’t all that funny. Though it did amuse me to think that somebody thought that people could be motivated by trite slogans. :smile:

But I digress. My attention has been drawn[1] to some genuinely motivational[2] poster designs, in the same style as the Despair products, but based on classic Star Trek. Here’s an example:

Feeling inspired yet?

Feeling inspired yet?

Lots more at

[1] Hi Darcy!
[2] Or at least seriously geeky

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