How many?

Well, things are getting interesting on the planetary front. I mentioned yesterday that a decision is to be made on the status of Pluto. BBC News reports that a formal proposal has been made which would allow Pluto to keep its position as a planet. An interesting side-effect of the proposal is that a few other bodies will be promoted to planetary status, including Pluto’s moon Charon[1], Ceres, which is the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter[2], and the object that started all the fuss by being bigger than Pluto – 2003 UB313, popularly known as Xena.

There’s a good article from New Scientist if you’d like to know more.

[1] Which is much the same size as Pluto. The centre of gravity of the two bodies is somewhere between them, which means that under this proposal they’d be labelled a “double planet” rather than a planet and a moon.
[2] Which actually was called a planet when it was first discovered, until some more asteroids were discovered

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