Contact lenses, that is. I’ve been getting my contact lenses from Vision Express for a few years now. I pay a fixed monthly fee which gets me thirty pairs of lenses each month and all the after care appointments are included. All very nice, but as I don’t wear lenses every day, I’ve been building up a bit of a stockpile of lenses, which they generally send to me every three months. As I had so many, it had slipped my mind[1] that I hadn’t had a delivery for a while. But last week I got a letter telling me i was overdue to have my eyes looked at, and that they were holding some lenses for me.

Anyway, the other day I went in, had my eyes checked[2] and then had a chat with the contact lens specialist. And the upshot was that I took away the six months worth of lenses they had for me, and which I’ve already paid for, and we agreed to cancel the monthly payment until I need some more lenses. Which will be at least a year from now. And that’s a nice little reduction in my regular outgoings. :grin:

[1] As so many things do :duh:
[2] Not a full eye test, that’s next week…