Angel of the North

Well, the rain seems to have paused for a bit, so I persuaded myself to to what I wanted to do last Sunday. It’s about forty-five minutes walk from Losing it[1] HQ to the Angel, so it was a bit of exercise, too. The light could have been better – either clear skies or darker cloud would have made for better exposures, but it did give me some practice in adjusting the exposure to compensate for the conditions. So in some of these the Angel is a bit dark, and in others the sky is totally burned out, but never mind. I think I got some moderately interesting images, and I’ll make a return visit on a day when the light is better.

As before, I’ll get round to tweaking and twiddling some of these in Photoshop at some point. But don’t hold your breath.

I’ve now had the camera a month, in which time I’ve taken nearly 800 pictures, which I think is rather more than I took in the nearly three years I had the little Sony. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up that pace, but there are still things I want to photograph that I haven’t got to yet, so it may be a while…

This is where the angel lives:


You should be able to see the shadow of the angel in the satellite view.

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