Daily Archives: Monday, 21st Aug 2006

Anyone want to buy a record shop?

BBC NEWS | Wales | South East Wales | ‘Oldest record shop’ up for sale

Spillers Records in Cardiff has been selling music since 1894, but it has gone on the market as part of its owner’s divorce settlement.

It’s been a few years since I was last in Cardiff, and even more years since I went into Spillers Records, but it was nice to know that an independent record shop was still carrying on despite the dominance of the big chain stores and online sales and downloads. And there is something impressive about a shop having carried on in the same business for so long. I hope a buyer is found, and that Spillers can carry on for much longer.

The conspiracy nuts will love this

NASA mislays original moon landing footage | The Register

NASA has mislaid the original recordings of the Apollo 11 moon landings, The Los Angeles Times reports. The magnetic tapes of the recorded transmissions were stored in 700 boxes and, despite a year of searching, have failed to turn up.

Errr, I knew I left them somewhere around here. Or not.

I’ll leave concocting suitable conspiracy theories as an exercise for the reader.