Backing up and stuff

I’ve started backing up my original images from the Canon 30D to CD, as well as keeping them on my external hard disk. You can never have too many backups :yes:

This was a good opportunity to give my new printer another wee test. I bought some printable CDs[1] and gave them a try with the MP500. Printing CDs involves creating the design in the software supplied, which does the job well enough – you can add images and text, resize them, distort them and probably a few other tricks I haven’t noticed yet. Once you’re happy with your layout, click the print button. The first time you do this, the printer takes a little while to get itself ready, making the usual alarming noises. Then a box pops up telling you to load your CD. Standard size CDs (and DVDs for that matter) fit onto a loading tray, and there’s an adapator for small CDs and those little business card size ones. The tray slides into the front of the printer after you fold down an internal flap. Once loaded, click OK, and printing starts. And it’s quite quick, too. You wouldn’t want to produce hundreds of disks this way, but for my low volume requirements it’s good enough. And the results are actually rather good. Crisp, clear printing which looks very professional. I’m quite impressed. CD printing wasn’t a “must have” feature for the printer, but it’s a very nice bonus feature.

I’m archiving each day’s pictures to their own CD, with one of my favourite images on the label, which looks very nice indeed. Good stuff.

[1] Quite reasonably priced from CD-RMedia

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  1. Twisty

    I have an Epson R320 that prints CD/DVDs – use it all the time and now cannot live without that feature. I almost bought a Canon Pixma 4200 (back then), but the US version didn’t come outfitted to print to CD/DVD (I believe Epson and Canon were in some sort of patent pissing match) – I considered having one of my friends in the UK buy one for me. I do remember the Pixma getting very good reviews.

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