Daily Archives: Sunday, 27th Aug 2006

ColourFest – Saltwell Park

I saw the banner advertising this event when I went to the Angel of the North last weekend, and put it on my mental list of things to do. As the rain seemed to have paused for a bit, I went for a walk in the park with my camera. And I’m glad I did, as there were some fun things to see and take the odd picture of. The most prominent thing was the arrangement of inflatable sculptures which you can see in the gallery below. I was also rather taken with the shiny floating things in the lake and the insect-costumed stilt walkers.

Having seen the exhibits, I had a wander around the park, which I hadn’t done for a while. On the way I saw a new sculpture being worked on and some very large thistles. I managed to get this picture of the thistles with some actual insects:



I’ve got a week off now[1], so I should get to some more places with the camera. There’s a load more sculpture thingies I want to catch, for a start.

[1] Yes, another one!

Coolest. Sculptures. Ever.

Some random clicking and reading led me to this video. Ignore the fact that it’s one of those adverts for a company that tell you nothing about the company or its products[1] and sit back and be impressed by some really nifty mobile artworks.

[1] Other than “we have lots of money to spend on cool ads”