A new feature

Someone[1] asked me how they could comment on photos in the Gallery, to which I naturally replied

You can’t

But then I had a bit of a think, fiddled about a bit and enabled some options. So now you can. You’ll see an Add Comment link under each image. Click on that, add a Subject and a Comment, and your words will appear under the image for all to see.

As everyone appears to the Gallery as “Guest”, you might want to add your name to the Subject box so people can see who said what. Unless you prefer to be anonymous, that is.

Rude, crude and abusive comments will be deleted, unless they’re funny, in which case I may leave them on show. IP addresses are recorded but not shown to other visitors.

The things I do to keep people happy…

Update: Or not. Gallery’s comment function is a bit prone to spam, so I turned the feature off…

[1] Hi Michèle! :wave:

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