The View – Wasted Little DJs

This single has been insinuating itself into my brain for the last few weeks, in the nicest possible way. The sound is ever-so-slightly influenced by the Libertines, but since the Libertines aren’t using that sound any more, I don’t see any problem with somebody else making good use of it. They’re a young band from Dundee, and on the strength of this track, I’d say we’ll be hearing much more of them. It’s as catchy as a very catchy thing with Velcro on, and has an irresistible chorus that has 99 out of 100 listeners scratching their heads and saying “what the hell did they just sing?”. Well, in case you’ve heard it and you’ve been wondering (or can’t be bothered googling for the lyrics), here’s the answer. The View get the prize for being the first band I can think of to use Pig Latin in their lyrics:

Asted-way ittle-lay eejays-day
They’re the cleverest blondes we ken
Asted-way ittle-lay eejays-day
I wish everybody danced like them

Quite, quite bonkers. And loads of fun. You can hear the song and see the video on their official site, and there’s more stuff on the inevitable MySpace page

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