Newcastle Sculptures and Buildings

Another day, another walk. I walked into Gateshead, passed over the Millennium Bridge and had a look at the quite surprising collection of sculptures along the Newcastle Quayside. There were a few I’d never noticed before, and others I’d only glanced at previously, so it was well worth the effort. Of course, I couldn’t pass the Sage without taking a few pictures – mostly of the pattern of reflections in the glass. And the Millennium Bridge just has to be photographed, doesn’t it?

I had a look at the bridges and passed the burnt-out and unstable Bonded Warehouse before having a proper look at the DNA Spiral Sculpture in Times Square, which is another one I’d barely noticed before. I’ve found that since I got the camera, I’ve been consciously looking for more things to photograph, and so seeing things that might have passed me by previously. Which has to be a Good Thing.

I strolled past Westgate House, which is slowly being taken down. It’s not possible to see what’s going on as yet, but more light is shining through the sheeting as the building is reduced.

Then I went to the Black Gate, which is near the City Keep. I took a picture of the front of it on my last Newcastle walk, so this time I wandered round the back, which I haven’t done in so long that I don’t remember when I last did it. If I ever did at all.

Next was a wander behind the Cathedral. I’d read about, and seen pictures of something rather unusual, and wanted to find it for myself. And I did. See the Vampire Bunny in the gallery! I think Wallace and Gromit should be told.

After that, I went to take some pictures of Newcastle City Library, including its quite unique door to nowhere, before it’s demolished and replaced with something else.

And finally, I went to the Haymarket area, which is also going to see some major changes. You can see the Lego Men, a River God and some swans in the gallery.

And for anyone interested in such things, this was the first time that I took all my pictures in RAW format rather than JPG. This did involve a little more work in Photoshop before I could upload the images, but I think the results are better.