Seaburn to St Peter’s

Today, I took the Metro to Seaburn. My target was to follow one of the walks from the nifty Metro Walks book that’s on sale from local travel centres. Before joining the route, I took a small detour to have a look at the beautifully restored Fulwell Windmill, where I was able to take some pictures and enjoyed a very informative guided tour. There are also some stunning views from the upper floors. It’s well worth a visit – opening times are shown on the website.

From there, I walked towards the sea via Roker Park[1], passing a waterfall and some nice rocky bits. From there, it’s a pleasant route along the seafront and then the riverside to the 7th Century St Peter’s church.

What made the walk really interesting was the quite impressive selection of sculptures along the way. I’ll be uploading the photos tomorrow[2], but for the moment you can at least see the windmill.

Update: the images are now available for your entertainment and amusement

Another update: You can see a Google Map of the area here

And for anyone keeping track of such things, I passed the 1,000 photos mark with the Canon 30D.

[1] Not to be confused with the former football ground of the same name
[2] I’m a bit too tired this evening to be able to concentrate on sorting them out properly. Long walks and not enough sleep..

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