Jarrow to Bede Walk

This was another walk from the Metro Walks book, which like Wednesday’s Wearside wander, took me to some places I’d never seen before.

I took the Metro to Jarrow, then walked along the riverside before joining the River Don Cycleway. I may have had some vague awareness that there was a River Don in the area, but I’d never gone looking for it before. Part of the route led me alongside it, which was very nice.

From there, I stopped off at St Paul’s Church, where I had a good look at the monastery ruins. St Paul’s was the other part of the monastery at St Peter’s in Sunderland, and was the home of the Venerable Bede. Across a grassed area from the church is Bede’s World. I had heard of that, but as the name made it sound like some kind of theme park, I’d never looked into it. There’s a museum with various interactive exhibits, and some good solid information on Bede and his time. And behind the museum there’s a working farm, which is a good attempt at recreating 7th Century conditions. There are also great views of the Tyne.

After a good look around, I resumed the walk, passing by Jarrow Bridge, once a vital link, now a preserved road to nowhere. After that, it was a short trip through an industrial estate to Bede Metro Station, and from there back home.

I’ll be going on more of these walks – they’re very well described in the book, and most of them have some interesting things to see along the way.

As usual, lots of pictures in the gallery, including a couple of attempts at close up photography. Not quite macro but nearly.