Phishing Phor Phishers (sic)

Losing it[1] is, as observant readers will know, hosted by those nice Dreamhost[1] people. Most of the time, I like them. I did get frustrated when they were having network problems a while ago, but they did get major bonus points for coming clean about the trouble they were having, and explained what they were doing to make things better. And things are now running as they should, and I’m a happy customer again.

But today, I a happy and amused customer after reading this Dreamhost blog entry Phishing Phor Phishers. Most of us just delete those annoying attempts to make us give criminals our bank details. Josh Jones decided to have a bit of fun with a script instead…

[1] Disclaimer: That is an affiliate link. If you sign up for services from Dreamhost after clicking that link, they will give me money.