My new favourite site

Fix My Site is one of those sites I bumped into by mistake while looking for something else. Well, something like that, anyway. You know how it is with random clicking on Sunday mornings…

Jason Edelman offers free advice on how to improve websites. Some of the sites he reviews just need a little work, some are monstrosities created in F****P***[1]. The advice he gives is actually very good. Sound, sensible and accurate suggestions that, if followed, would make the sites much better. But it’s the style of the advice that makes it worth reading. Funny? Frequently. In verse? Often. Well worth a look.

[1] I can’t quite bring myself to mention its full name

One thought on “My new favourite site

  1. Jason

    Thanks for the link, Les! I’ll see what more I can do to keep you entertained. Check out the new tutorial I just posted. It’s ridiculously long and most people will probably never read it all the way through, but who knows, maybe it will help some hapless newbie. Yeah, I should probably stick with reviews. I’ve got some amazing ones in the pipeline :smile:


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