To Boldly Remaster…

Well, well, well. It seems the original Star Trek series is getting the digital treatment. All 79 episodes are going to have their special effects touched up, improved, tweaked, replaced and generally enhanced, and the music will be re-recorded.

I’m always in two minds (if not more) about this kind of thing. On the one hand, upgrading the effects will make the classic shows more, err, accessible to a modern audience, and it’ll give them an excuse to sell everyone another set of DVDs. But I can’t help feeling that old TV shows should be preserved in as close to their original form as possible. Clean them up, sure. Make sure the soundtrack is clear, definitely. But “upgrade” the effects shots, naaaah. Sure, the effects were pretty ropey and limited budgets made them worse than they could have been, but it was a thing of its time, and should be appreciated as such. It’s not as bad as colourising old black and white movies, but it still seems vaguely wrong to me.

But at least it’s being done by people with a good feel of Star Trek, so maybe it’ll be OK. Questions are being asked, and indeed answered here.