What a load of…

Skcollob! What’s that, you ask? Well, it started yesterday, when I read this piece in IT Week. Inspired by yet another bit of corporate silliness in which somebody or other is naming their operation “Xobni” on the grounds that it’s “Inbox” backwards. Leading on from that, Sneak pointed out that not only was Xobtuo.com (Outbox backwards) not currently registered, but making it quite clear that Sneak thinks this sort of thing is all rather silly, that skcollob.com was available, too.

Well, I took that as a challenge. And remembering that those nice Dreamhost people were offering me a free domain registration, I decided to go for it. :bouncy:

While I was quite happy to register it, I do think it’s a poor reflection on the quality of geeks with an infantile sense of humour these days. I was really expecting to be beaten to it by some other geek with a silly streak.

So there it is. I’ll get round to doing something with it sooner, or more likely, later. And just like most of Losing it[1], I can assure you that Skcollob! will not only continue the trend of websites with punctuation in their names, but will also be a load of old, err, skcollob.

Update: IT Week is no more, having been merged into the much less entertaining Computing. But skcollob.com lives on and I might still use it for something one day!

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