BBC NEWS | UK | New Potter script in flight row

Harry Potter author J K Rowling had some trouble getting back from New York last month. She was carrying the manuscript for the seventh and final book in the moderately popular[1] series, which included handwritten notes made on her trip. The security people were following their strict guidelines and at first refused to let her on board her plane with it. Not surprisingly, Ms Rowling wasn’t going to put her irreplaceable manuscript into the cargo hold. Eventually, she was allowed to carry the papers on board, secured with rubber bands. Apparently paper is only a security risk if it can be separated into pages…

Ms Rowling says that if she hadn’t been allowed to board the plane, she’d have sailed home instead. You mean she didn’t have a broomstick with her??![3]

[1] Slight[2] understatement :grin:
[2] OK, great big huge one :wave:
[3] Someone had to say it[4]
[4] And probably 3,219 people have already, but I don’t care, so there :tongue: