Coming Soon – the Plugin

Update: This version is no more. See here for a new, whizzier version with an options page, even! Or just go straight to its new home at the official WordPress Plugins Directory.

Observant readers, or at least those who like to scroll down a bit, will have noticed that from time to time there is a section on the sidebar that looks a bit like this:

Coming Soon

Some bit of nonsense
Some more nonsense

That’s done with a little WordPress plugin that I knocked together after seeing some code written by mdawaffe[1] on the WordPress forums. After some fiddling, I made it do what I wanted, and I’ve been using it ever since. I never thought about actually releasing it on the grounds that

  1. It’s so simple
  2. Somebody else has probably done it better
  3. The real coders will mock my feeble efforts
  4. I never found a tuit

But today, I got a request to share it. So I will. Download and you, too can list your draft posts. Inside the zip, you will find comingsoon.php, which is the actual plugin, and coming-soon-readme.txt, which contains the instructions. Upload and activate like any other plugin, then add this code to your sidebar:

<?php if (function_exists('lcb_coming_soon'))  lcb_coming_soon(); ?>

If you want to change how it displays, see the readme file for instructions, or just hack away at the plugin until it does what you want. :grin:

[1] All the cool WordPress people have “handles” or nicknames. You can tell I’m not one of the cool kids as I just use my own name…

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