Sarah Jane returns. Again.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Doctor Who spin-off set for CBBC

Following Elisabeth Sladen’s quite wonderful return to the role of Sarah Jane Smith in the Doctor Who episode School Reunion, it seems we’ll be seeing a lot more of her next year.

Sarah Jane’s Adventures will feature the investigative journalist fighting alien forces with help from her 13-year-old neighbour Maria, played by Yasmin Paige.

Interesting report, but it doesn’t reveal the one thing all Doctor Who fans really want to know: will K9 be in it??

4 thoughts on “Sarah Jane returns. Again.

  1. Andy

    From Outpost Gallifrey

    “K-9, the faithful robot dog and Sarah Jane’s goodbye present from The Doctor, makes an appearance in the special but will not appear in the series.”

    So it seems Sarah Jane, but no K9…not sure if that just seems slightly dull….

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