There goes another part of my childhood

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV presenter Raymond Baxter dies

When I was a kid, Tomorrow’s World was one of my favourite TV shows[1]. I have fond memories of Raymond Baxter’s demonstrations – he had a really nifty pen which pulled out into a pointer which he always seemed to use to draw our attention to the innards of whatever it was he was showing us. He had one of those authoritative voices and that, oooh, what’s the word, patrician manner that always made it seem as if he really understood what he was talking about. He left the show at some point, which is probably when its gradual decay into irrelevance and eventual cancellation began.

Another thing he was noted for was doing the commentary for TV coverage of airshows – as a former Spitfire pilot, he was ideal for the job.

They don’t make presenters like that any more.

[1] I’ve been a geek all my life

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