Daily Archives: Monday, 18th Sep 2006

Newcastle Skyline

I took this on my first day out with the Canon 30D. The colours remind me of picture postcards. So does the subject matter, come to think of it – Newcastle seen from the Castle Keep. There’s a lovely mix of buildings ranging from the Black Gate and the Cathedral to the modern tower block on the horizon. This one just needed cropping to remove a bit of a handrail, and to get the horizon at a slightly better level.

Newcastle Skyline

Newcastle Skyline

Still working on my photos

This is another one from the Tynemouth shoot[1]. The original was, well, sort of all right, but it didn’t really do anything for me. But I had another look and tweaked the levels and the shadows and highlights[2]. That made it a bit better. Then I cropped it to remove some messy bits and to get the horizon in a more aesthetically[3] pleasing level. I like the way the pier heads off to a vanishing point, with the Priory ruins forming a backdrop.



[1] Oh bugger, I’m starting to talk like an actual photographer :eek2:
[2] Very simple tweaks that improve a lot of pictures
[3] Oh double bugger, I’m starting to take this seriously :uhoh:

Good news on the video front

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | YouTube in ‘landmark’ music deal

I mentioned last month that YouTube were hoping to secure the rights to just about every music video ever. Well, it looks like the first major step has been taken. Warner Music Group have seen which way the wind’s blowing, and realised that getting lots of exposure for their artists’ videos and a cut of the advertising is a very good idea indeed.

This nicely undermines Universal, who have been muttering about taking legal action against YouTube.

High Level Bridge – Update

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Bridge closed for two more years

Hmmm. Looks like the BBC are the last to know what’s going on in the North East. The “revelation” that the High Level Bridge will remain closed until some time in 2008 comes as no surprise to anyone who’s walked or driven in the relevant parts of Newcastle and Gateshead over the last three or four months. There are large signs stating that the bridge will be closed until May 2008, and have been for quite some time.