Daily Archives: Wednesday, 20th Sep 2006

Coming down?

BBC News reports that time is running out for the owners of this precarious building.



The former warehouse was gutted by fire earlier this year, and since then the road in front of it has been closed. Apparently it’s regarded as so unstable that fire investigators who would normally have been in to determine the cause of the fire, have not been able to do so. In short, this thing could come down at any moment. Newcastle City Council have got an order in court requiring the owners to make it safe within 28 days, or it will be demolished.

The cost of propping it up has been estimated at £1 million. And that’s before any work can start on the original plan of turning the building into apartments – a project that’s already long behind schedule. This has been a long-running saga, and I very much doubt if we’ve reached the end of it.

There used to be another section of the building to the left of the current structure, but that collapsed nearly ten years ago after another fire. The council are concerned that winter and wilder weather are on the way, and one good gust of wind could bring the whole thing down. This could be a bit nasty for the Copthorne Hotel on the other side of the road…

There’s more detail in this Evening Chronicle article, but I suspect that link, unlike the BBC one above, will expire after a while.