Another bargain

Having invested in a rather good camera and a good photo printer, I wanted some frames to show off some of my pictures. What I mostly wanted were some A4 size frames – the Pixma MP500 produces really good prints at that size, and I got a good deal on Canon photo paper from Jessop’s recently. I did the usual shopping around, and found a very useful supplier on eBay. Viking Clearance were offering packs of twelve A4 frames at a low starting price and with quite reasonable delivery charges. I just lost the first auction, but won the second – and got twelve A4 frames for £12 including postage. Yup, £1 each. The auction ended at around 8:15 on Wednesday evening, so I wasn’t really expecting to get the goods until next week, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a box waiting for me at work when I got in on Friday morning. Quick service is always a Good Thing.

The frames are as good as similar ones I’ve seen on sale for £3-£5. Quite up to the task, and a serious bargain.