Loooong day

Well, that was a fun[1] way to spend a Saturday. Instead of all that tedious shopping, photography, Photoshoppery and generally relaxing, I went to work. My skilled staff[1] and I[2] had the fun job of moving servers around. We needed to remove one redundant server and its external drive enclosure (damn big and heavy things….), then put in a new server, and rearrange things so that the next servers that are to be “retired” are at the top of the rack. All of which took a while. Then we had to bring all the servers back up to see what we’d broken. :lol: But on this occasion, apart from a little matter of not turning on a tape library[3] before the server it was attached to[4], everything behaved itself. Just as well, as after nine and a half hours, fighting with reluctant servers was not something I would have enjoyed…

[1] All of him!
[2] OK, he did most of it, since he knows what he’s doing with that kind of thing
[3] Note to non-technical people – that’s a box with lots of backup tapes in, which lets us do backups without somebody having to swap lots of tapes around
[4] SCSI devices hate that…

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