Normal service has been resumed

If you tried to visit Losing it[1] yesterday (evening UK time), you might have been disappointed[1] to find that your favourite site[2] was ever so slightly not working. First of all, I’d like to say it wasn’t me. When I first noticed the problem, I thought it might have just been my site, and that something I’d done recently might have broken it. But a bit of investigation revealed that Dreamhost were having more fun and games.

As you’ll see from the numerous comments to that post, they were a wee bit optimistic about the fixed state of the problem. Details are a bit vague, but it sounds like they were changing some network gear, which *cough* shouldn’t have broken anything, but actually led to lots of their servers hanging, including the one that Losing it[1] lives on.

Now that’s why I always try to do major changes out of normal hours. Unfortunately for Dreamhost, in their business, “normal hours” are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they can’t avoid causing some inconvenience from time to time. And since then, everything seems to be working nicely.

A recent post on their main blog goes into more detail about what went wrong recently, and what they’ve been doing to rectify it, and to prevent further problems. I suspect yesterdays outage was related to the attempts to provide a permanent fix.

Oh what fun…

[1] Or relieved :cheesy:
[2] :lol: :laugh: :rolleyes: