Now that’s what I call really portable

BBC NEWS | Technology | Roll-up screens ‘moving closer’

A Cambridge team have developed metal structures that can morph from flat screens into tubes and other shapes. They say in the future the structures could form the basis for electronic displays that could be rolled-up and placed in a bag or pocket.

Roll-up screens have been a staple of science fiction for many years. Stephen Baxter’s softscreens – carefully not described in any detail – come to mind. And now it appears that the reality might not be too far off. Imagine the function of a tablet PC in a thin sheet that you can roll up and stuff in a bag. There could be a wireless link to a small box containing the processor and storage, and maybe a small keyboard, which could also roll up. And once screens get that thin, we could have really large screen TVs that could be easily hung on a wall without all those tedious brackets and bolts and things.

All very cool. Amazing new toys will be available! :bouncy: