Another photographic stroll

This lunchtime, I decided to have a play with my circular polarising filter. Never tried it before, and had some fun taking multiple exposures with different settings of the filter, and finding which settings in which kind of light totally confused the autofocus thingy. :tongue:

I started off around the Quayside again, where I took a random selection of pictures, before heading uphill to areas I haven’t been to in, err, umm, probably the best part of twenty years. More pictures of these areas will follow, just as soon as I’ve selected, Photoshopped, tweaked, twiddled and generally sorted them out. In the meantime, here’s one to be going on with. It’s a sculpture in the public plaza surrounding 55° North, the apartment block converted from the former BT building, Swan House. I’ve got some more pictures of it, but I like this one – the light is good, and the blue sky makes a great backdrop.[1]

It's art

It's art

[1] I’ve noticed that a lot of my favourite pictures[2] tend to be of things set against the sky. I’ve no idea why…
[2] Of my pictures, that is

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