BBC NEWS | Business | Google ‘in talks to buy YouTube’

Hmmmmm. I quite like YouTube, and I have been known to post the occasional video or two here. What makes it fun is that anybody can post just about anything they like, frequently with a refreshing lack of respect for such notions as copyright. In some cases, it’s the best way to find music videos. Or it can be just a good way to waste the odd hour or six. Last month, I mentioned that YouTube were sorting out a deal to get more music videos on in a somewhat more legal manner.

And Google is, of course, ubiquitous, if not indigenous[1]. So much so that I even have their ads on this site[2]. They have their own video service, which has more commercial content.

So, would this be a good idea? I’m inclined to say no. On the other hand, it would give me the opportunity to say GooTube. I like the sound of that. Of course, someone’s using that name for a mashup site, and it appears that someone else[3] beat me to it, but I don’t care, so there. :tongue:

[1] Gratuitous Toad of Toad Hall reference
[2] And at the current rate, in another year or two, I might get some money for that :lol:
[3] Several someone elses, probably

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