Robin Hood – Will you tolerate this?

Now that Doctor Who has revived Saturday evening TV, the BBC have decided to spend some more money on another revival. Robin Hood is the latest in a long line of TV shows and movies based on the legendary outlaw. This is a suitably up to date, 21st Century take on the story[1], with snappy dialogue that makes no effort at all to be authentic.

The first episode sets up the traditional story[2]. Robin of Locksley returns from a Crusade to find that all is not well in England. This time round, Robin is played by the young, charming Jonas Armstrong, all designer beard and big hood, if not hoodie. He’s accompanied by his former manservant Much, played with clueless wit by Sam Troughton[3].

The villains are Guy of Gisbourne (Richard Armstrong) and Keith Allen as a suitably nasty Sheriff of Nottingham. And when the villains oblige Robin to order the execution of four young men for trivial offences, the fun really begins. Freeing the victims from their nooses with some fancy archery, Robin makes himself an outlaw, and flees the castle with Much and the young men.

Resting in Sherwood Forest, they find themselves surrounded by armed men who tell Robin that the forest is theirs. End of episode.

All in all, a promising start. It’s got all the right ingredients – Robin’s archery is phenomenal, the bad guys apparently can’t hit a castle at two metres, the script is witty, the cast seem well-chosen, and the sets look reasonably real.

Not as much fun as Doctor Who, but still well worth watching on a Saturday evening.

[1] With popular culture references in the episode titles, which is fun[4]
[2] None of the mystical stuff that was a core feature of Robin of Sherwood, for instance
[3] Grandson of second Doctor Who Patrick Troughton
[4] This opening episode’s title is a nod towards the Manic Street Preachers, for instance

4 thoughts on “Robin Hood – Will you tolerate this?

  1. Les Post author

    I do my best :smile: . Didn’t see the advert, but I’ve been keeping up with the updates in Doctor Who Magazine. They’re expecting to have an actual date to announce in the next issue. Looks like it’ll be fun :grin:

  2. fiona taylor

    Rubbish. It’s got nothing to do with authenticity. The show is garbage of the highest order. The acting is cringe-makingly bad. The characters are pathetic and the Robin Hood/Much partnership is nothing more than an irritant. I don’t care what happens to either of these people. They both just make me wish they would disappear with an arrow in the head. They’re supposed to have returned from 4 years fighting in the Crusades? They look more like a couple of ex-boy band members who would have been about 14 years old in the Crusades. This is the worst show I’ve ever seen. It’s like a piss-poor offering from Hallmark.

  3. Les Post author

    Well, just shows you can’t please everyone. Though I would say that if this is the worst show you’ve ever seen, you must have avoided a lot of TV up to now.

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