I’m having more fun with Flickr. They’ve recently added a map to the site which can show where in the world pictures were taken. You can do this by just dragging and dropping thumbnails onto the map, which is easy enough, but the Yahoo map they’re using is a bit lacking in detail for that odd location known as “outside the US”. This makes it a bit fiddly to position your pictures with any degree of accuracy, so I wasn’t going to bother.

But a bit of clickage led me to BlockRocker, which uses the infinitely superior GoogleMaps. It uses the Flickr API to connect to your Flickr account and show you your pictures. You then select an image and find its location on the map, which zooms in very close indeed, especially in areas like Tyneside which have excellent satellite images. Click on the location on the map, and BlockRocker will add geotags to the picture in Flickr.

Once you’ve tagged your images, go back to Flickr and click the “import” link. A short while later, your pictures will be located on the map, and the description will be updated to include the location.

Nice use of two published APIs to provide a nifty service.

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