It’s the end of Life (on Mars) as we know it

You might recall[1] that I talked about Life on Mars when it was shown earlier this year. It was a really good series, and I wasn’t really surprised that a second series was being made, but I did have my doubts about the longevity of the idea. If it was dragged out for too long, it could end up getting annoying – since the whole concept is that Sam Tyler is trapped in the past (whether that’s “real”, in his imagination, or something else altogether), sooner or later he has to return to reality. The alternative is a Quantum Leap kind of thing, where the show goes on forever, then gets cancelled and ends in a vague and inconclusive way. Not that I really cared about Quantum Leap, but it’s a good example of the kind of thing that can go wrong with series TV.

But it seems that the creators of Life on Mars have more sense than that. They’ve completed filming of the second series, and that will be that. It will come to a proper conclusion and stop. In an attempt to avoid the newspapers doing their usual fun-spoiling trick of printing “exclusive”[2] details of the ending[3], two different endings have been made.

Sensible move. More of the show a lot of people love, and stopping while it’s still good.

Apparently there are plans to remake it in the US. That will either die after six episodes, or run for seven years…

Oh yes, and I really need to get those DVDs.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Hit BBC drama Life on Mars to end
[1] I like to maintain the fiction that people actually read this nonsense :tongue:
[2] Which generally means it’s in less than five national papers
[3] My policy of not reading tabloid newspapers worked well for me earlier this year. Apparently they printed revelations about the ending of this year’s Doctor Who series. Which meant that people who made the mistake of reading the damn things were not at all surprised when the Daleks appeared, whereas I was happily surprised. :grin: