We apologise for the loss of service (again)

Yes, I’m back. What’s that, I hear you say? Was I away? Well, yes. I was on a training course in a secret location in Yorkshire. OK, it wasn’t that secret, as I did manage to find it on all three days I was there, without getting lost once. I did get wet a couple of times, as it was a bit of a walk from the nearest station, and the rain sneakily didn’t start until I was well under way.

And for anyone wanting the gory technical details, I was learning about this stuff.

Normal levels of posting will resume shortly.

One thought on “We apologise for the loss of service (again)

  1. Les Post author

    I’m not sure how that happened, but somehow when I posted this yesterday, it got today’s date. Either I was confused, my computer was confused, or the web server was confused. Or we were all confused. :huh: My excuse is that I was tired. So there.

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