A while ago, on checking my statistics[1], I found that some people were using some of my images in forums and places like MySpace and LiveJournal. I wouldn’t mind so muhc if they’d taken the trouble to download the files and load them from their own webspace, but when I found people were actually hotlinking, I got a bit annoyed. Now if people like something here and want to post a link to it, that’s very nice. But if they just pinch something in such a way that my bandwidth is used to display my images on their sites, then that’s rude. And that’s why I moved all the photos into Gallery2, which makes it a lot harder for them to do anything so unsavoury.

Then, a couple of days ago, I found some more odd items in my logs. And I really couldn’t believe this one. Some rascally rougues were hotlinking to my smilies. :eek2: Now that is ridiculous! I got all the smilies I use from free sources, and anyone is free to do the same. Or if using Google is a bit too difficult for them, all they need to do is right-click on the smiley of their choice and save it to their computer, and from there they can use it wherever they want to.

Well, they won’t be doing that any more, as I’ve finally got round to doing a bit of .htaccess tweaking. And now, if anyone tries to display one of my smilies on their own page, it won’t show. That’s the nice version. If I’d been in a bad mood, I could have arranged for them to get a special picture all of their own instead. And as most of them aren’t sensible enough to put size attributes on their img tags, that might really make a mess of their pages.

[1] That’s the website statistics, not my measurements