Robin Hood – Sheriff got your tongue?

More fun and games in the second episode of the new Robin Hood series. Robin and his friends have been captured by John Little[1] and his gang of outlaws. Robin tries to persuade them that they should stop robbing from poor people and have a go at the Sheriff of Nottingham. They aren’t too keen on the idea, and when they hear that a reward of twenty pounds[2] is on offer for handing over Robin, they plan to do just that.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Guy of Gisbourne are trying to persuade the people of Locksley to reveal Robin’s whereabouts. When the offer of money doesn’t seem to be working, the Sheriff tries to get tongues wagging by the more persuasive method of cutting out one villager’s tongue each hour until someone talks…

The outlaws arrive at Locksley just in time for Robin to do some of his trademark archery, saving John Little’s wife from having her tongue cut out. Robin allows himself to be captured, and is taken to Nottingham.

In a parallel with last week’s climax, Robin is due to be hanged, and nobody at all is surprised when John Little and his gang join Robin’s friends in freeing our hero. And off they run to fight another day.

It’s all good silly stuff. Very silly, really, but that’s not a bad thing for escapist Saturday evening TV. The villains are very villainous and helpfully wear black so you can tell that they’re the Bad Guys. And there’s a gratuitous contemporary reference when Guy tells Marian that Robin can be hanged without the bother of a trial because “we’re at war”. That would be a war in the Middle East…

Apparently some people don’t like this version of Robin Hood. Some of them seem to think it should be more like the 80s “Robin of Sherwood”, the one with the mysticism and the Clannad soundtrack, and some dislike the haircuts, the contemporary language, and even the nicely silly way the location captions shoot onto the screen accompanied by an arrow sound effect. All I can say to them is “Pah!”. The Robin Hood legend has been recreated and reinterpreted many times – there’s no such thing as an “authentic” version, and this one is as legitimate as any, and more so than a few I can think of.

[1] Big bloke, gets called “Little John”, you know the routine…
[2] Which would have been seriously big money at the time

One thought on “Robin Hood – Sheriff got your tongue?

  1. Sam Judson

    Actually I don’t like the location caption noise either! But I liked the little john character immensely, and even if it is silly its good silly.

    Roll on next week as I think this will only get better.

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