Daily Archives: Wednesday, 18th Oct 2006

Open Government

I haven’t bothered mentioning the government’s plans to foist[1] ID cards on the UK population so far, because I’ve been expecting the whole silly scheme to collapse under its own weight. But there are some aspects of it that deserve some attention.

One of the fascinating laws that the Labour government brought in was the long-awaited Freedom of Information Act. Now crazy furriners and people not familiar with the way things tend to be done here would be forgiven for thinking that this was a law that would enable people to have freedom of access to information. Even the Information Commissioner, who oversees the system apparently has the same touchingly naive idea. What it really means is freedom from information, in the same way that after a visit from Rentokil, your premises will be free from rats.

But legal processes have to be followed, so they’re going to spend lots more money on Very Expensive Lawyers to make sure that the “Gateway reviews” on what we’ll loosely term the “progress” of the ID card scheme will be kept secret.

[1] I don’t think I’ve used that word on Losing it[1] before, but it seems suitable in this context. I should also mention that not only do they want to spend huge amounts of money on setting up this scheme, but they expect us all to pay for the damn things, whether we want them or not.

Torchwood – Update

Hmmmm. Contrary to earlier reports, the first episode of Torchwood, will not be shown on BBC One at the same time it’s shown on BBC Three. :cry:

However, the first two episodes will now be shown on BBC Two starting at 9pm next Wednesday, so UK people without digital TV can catch it then. Or if you watch it on BBC Three on Sunday, and you really like it, you can watch it again! :bouncy: