Daily Archives: Friday, 20th Oct 2006

The camera told me to do it

You know how it is. One toy leads to another. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in Photoshop, my 17″ flat panel[1] had, after four years service, finally begun to feel slightly inadequate. It was as bright and sharp as ever[2], but that once-wonderful 1280×1024 resolution was proving to be not quite enough. I hadn’t really planned on doing anything about that just yet, but one of my camera magazines did a comparative review of wide screens, with particular emphasis on their suitability for photo work. And of the models they looked at, the Dell 20″ widescreen came out on top for quality, colour, brightness and indeed value for money. So I had a chat with my friendly Dell account manager, and err, bought one. And here it is.



One reboot later, and my video card knew exactly what it is and what its preferred resolution is[3]. It’s got all the usual inputs and four USB ports. The stand is a nice tilt and swivel affair, and should you be so inclined, it rotates to a vertical orientation. Nice kit. :smile:

[1] Very nice Eizo model – best in its size range at the time, according to various reviewers and me
[2] As you might hope – it was hideously expensive when I bought it
[3] 1680×1050 as it happens – not massive, but there’s enough extra width to make Photoshop much more pleasant to use.