A singularly good idea…

Now this is interesting. Keane, whose second album I really must get round to listening to properly one of these days[1][2] are taking the singles market to the next step, which I suppose was inevitable.

Despite the growth of downloading, people do still buy some actual physical singles on CD (and even on that funny vinyl stuff in some cases). But now there’s a new alternative: singles on USB memory sticks[3]. For the (expensive) price of a normal single – just under £4 in most shops, you get the single, complete with video on a small memory key thingy. Now that would be a bit pointless if it was just that. But apparently it’s a 512MB device, and the tracks will not be copy protected, so you’ll be able to take them off the stick and use it in the normal way.

While USB memory has been getting cheaper and capacities have been growing, £4 for 512MB is a good deal. And hey, you get some music with that.

Details from BBC News.

[1] That’s the trouble with Napster – I end up downloading so much stuff that I don’t actually get to listen to all of it.
[2] OK, I’ll play it now. That’s the good thing about Napster. While I’m typing, I can pick whatever music I want to listen to without actually having to wander over to the shelves and find the CD.
[3] Or whatever you want to call them. “Thumb drives” seems a popular term in some places