Torchwood Begins

This isn’t an actual review of the first two episodes of Torchwood – that will appear after the second showing on BBC Two on Wednesday.[1] But I thought I’d post my first impressions, without giving too much away for anyone who’ll be watching it later.

OK, first things first. Captain Jack is back! Woo, hoo, etc. John Barrowman’s performance as the not so much bisexual as well, just sexual Captain Jack Harkness was one of the high points of the 2005 series of Doctor Who, and it’s really quite wonderful to see him back. We don’t yet know how he got from a space station in the distant future to 21st century Cardiff, but there’s plenty of time for us to find out. Jack is still the same hyper-confident charmer that he was when he met Rose and the Doctor in 1941, at least outwardly.

Next up: Cardiff. Russell T Davies and his team have often said how happy they were to be working in Cardiff when making Doctor Who, and he’s using Torchwood as a way of repaying the debt he owes. Quite apart from the setting in the gloriously revived Cardiff Bay, we are treated to more aerial views of the city than have ever been seen before. Quite superb swooping helicopter work – there’s a beautiful scene of Jack standing on the corner of the roof of a building, looking over Cardiff, which really shows off the city.

And first impressions of the actual show? Woo! Hoo! It’s a lot of fun. Secret HQ, alien invaders, captured alien technology, a severed hand in a jar that Jack seems very attached to[2], lots of lovely Welsh voices, familiar places[3] and some great lines. Full details to follow, but I’ll leave you with some samples:

Sometimes a little technobabble is good for the soul

That is so Welsh. I show you something wonderful, and you find fault!

A good start. Detailed reviews of the first two episodes will follow.

[1] BBC Two: 9pm Wednesday 25 October 2006. If you didn’t see it on BBC Three, you’ll need to watch it then. And if you did watch it on BBC Three, you’ll probably want to watch it then as well.
[2] Note: if you’ve seen the Radio Times you might know more about this hand than I’m mentioning. I’m pretending I don’t know, so I can enjoy the revelation when it occurs.
[3] Familiar to me, that is :cymru:

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  1. David

    Very good start :eek2: . I wasnt to sure I would like this, but I thought it was top class. I missed the second episode, but I’ll catch it later, I thought it was important to make sure I caught the first one though. Unlike my delayed Doctor Who watching.

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