Firefox 2

I mentioned the imminent release of Firefox 2 recently. Well now the wait is over, and those of you who don’t like playing with betas and release candidates can get the latest version of this fine browser. Changes from 1.5 are incremental rather than revolutionary, but it’s worth keeping up to date.

New features include an inline spellchecker[1], which is great when typing nonsense into web forms, which I seem to do a lot of. In fact, I’m doing it now. This was possible with an extension when using Firefox 1.5, but this is much smoother in use. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as before. Does the job, and I’m still tending to use it more than IE7, but to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s because it’s better, or if it’s just habit.

The huge range of extensions for Firefox make it more attractive to people like me who like to tweak and twiddle, and there are a few I’d hate to be without, which IE just doesn’t do. IE also has a slightly awkward user interface – some buttons are in odd places rather than all being grouped together, and there isn’t a way of changing that at present. This is partly due to the fact that IE7 was originally intended to be exclusive to Windows Vista, and it doesn’t quite fit properly in Windows XP. I’ve heard that there may be some changes to the layout in a future release. Now if that turns up a bit quicker than IE7 itself, that won’t be so bad.

For now, I seem to be sticking to Firefox. Download it from here.

[1] Which didn’t recognise the words “inline” or indeed “spellcheker”. Probably wants me to use hyphens or something, mutter.