Robin Hood – Parent Hood

I had a bit of a moan about last week’s episode of Robin Hood, but tonight’s was a lot better.

Roy, one of the outlaws, has an idea. He lures a mob of Guy of Gisbourne’s men into a trap, where Robin and the others relieve them of their horses. Stopping in a clearing, they find an abandoned baby just before realising that they’ve been tricked. The horses have marked shoes which have allowed Gisbourne to track them down.

Cue a nicely silly fight scene, with Robin hitting the villains while holding the baby[1]. Just for once, things don’t go the outlaws’ way. Roy is knocked out and captured by Gisbourne, who rides off with his men, leaving Robin holding the baby.

While the outlaws plan to raid the castle to free Roy, the Sheriff employs some more of his nasty side[2]. He offers Roy a choice: either he kills Robin, or his mother will be hanged. Just as the outlaws approach the castle, Roy seems to escape, and they all ride back into the forest.

There’s a nice sub-plot where Marian defies the Sheriff and takes food to a village that has been kept in quarantine long after an unspecified plague has passed. This leads to some silliness with Robin shooting bread into the village.

But things take a darker turn when Roy tries to kill Robin. The outlaws overpower him, and he confesses. They all head to Nottingham in time to save Roy’s mother and the mother of the baby[3]. This leads to the usual fight in the castle courtyard, but this time things go wrong. Just as Robin is about to leave, Roy is caught again. The Sheriff holds a knife to his throat, knowing that Robin won’t kill anyone…

It looks like there’s going to be another fight, but Roy takes things into his own hands and fights off the Sheriff, only to be killed by the soldiers. But the diversion lets the others escape. Now I wasn’t expecting that[4]. There was a nice bit of friction between Roy and Much, which added a bit of interest, and he certainly seemed like a permanent part of the gang.

But life goes on. Mother and baby are reunited, and Marian arranges for a new home for them.

Good episode – we saw more of the other outlaws showing signs of individual personality, the interplay between Robin and Marian was more interesting, and it all moved along nicely. And some good lines. As he sees his mother on the gallows, Roy shouts at the Sheriff

You’ll rot in hell for this!

To which the Sheriff replies

Really? Just for this?


[1] Which I’m sure was, err, borrowed from some movie or other, but I can’t quite remember which
[2] Not that he has a nice side, as such…
[3] The father, it turns out, is none other than the delightful Gisbourne, who told the mother that the baby had been taken to be brought up at an abbey, rather than left to die in the forest.
[4] Thought it does explain why there was one outlaw whose name wasn’t one of the well-known traditional ones :tongue: